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By Roïc Thomas



KPI visualization tools

In order to facilitate risk management and performance analysis, we developped KPI visualization tools that we can adapt to the needs of our customers and integrate in their IT landscape.

With Sterenn KPI viewer:

- You reduce your analysis efforts

- You improve your event to decision time

- You improve your overall performance

We can deliver KPI visualization tool as part of a global business review or independently, based on your existing reports.


Sterenn KPI viewer

Sterenn KPI viewer was developped in order to visualize and analyse hierarchical KPIs.

It provides in the same time an overview on your KPIs and a detailed segmented view.

It helps catching the multiple dimensions of a KPI and understanding where the performance weeknesses are.


One example, risk KPIs for sales management

Let's take the example of KPI monitoring based on sales channels and products in a company providing TV, internet & mobile communication services and

selling in shop, online or per telesales.

For this example, we will consider following Hierarchy of sales channels and products:


Following KPIs are evaluated:

ARPU: Average revenue in 3rd month

Collection rate: % amount collected on due invoices of first 3 month

Churn rate: Early churn in first 3 month

Cancellation rate: % orders cancelled before activation

CC calls: Ratio of call center calls generated in first 3 month per sale


Result in Sterenn KPI viewer:

It was here decided to build a new hierarchy with following order: sales channel, sales unit, product family, product level.

Multiplying the views with different hierarchies helps identifying the most important discriminating factors.


In this simple example, it is clear that 2 resellers (Online-Partner1 & Shop-Reseller3) underperform in collection rate. This provides eather a starting point for a deaper analysis

in order to find out where the problem is (misused credit check, marketing audience, special offers, error in processes, ...)


If you want to try it live

(We recommend to view it in full screen (F11))


Sales management sorted by sales channels: Sterenn KPI viewer per sales channel


Sales management sorted byproduct: Sterenn KPI viewer per products


Be aware of browser compatibility (SVG & D3 compatibility):


For more details on browser support:


If your browser is not compatible with D3/SVG, you can use a portable version of Firefox.

No installation needed. Just copy and extract the files.

Here a german version: