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March 2015 - Sterenn KPI viewer - Sunburst demo

New demo of Sunburst KPI viewer. always more insights for executives.

Check it there: KPI management


March 2014 - Sterenn KPI viewer - bringing the full information to top management

The extended use of KPIs as main decision making information helps companies reacting faster to new circumstances but

KPIs have the advantages of their drawbacks ... they are only a summary, not an overview.

In big companies, we tend to provide only the minimum miningful information through KPIs to top management.

Wouldn't it be possible to use adapted visualization tools in order to feed them with overview instead of summary?

Check it there: KPI management


November - Development of data visualization tools

In the past month, I've been working on the development of data visualization solutions mostly dedicated to KPI management, businesss optimization and financial performance monitoring.

The first results are very promissing.

Check it there: Visualization tools


April 2013 - Flexstrom declares insolvency

Flexstrom, private electricity provider in Germany, declares insolvency on April 11 2013.

According to first official communication, bad payment behaviour of customers would be the main cause for insolvency.

Lessons to learn for risk management?


05 April 2013 - Support proposal

Definition of Sterenn support proposal:

Business review for risk management optimisation

Consulting (data analysis, process optimisation, risk strategy, CRM implementation, KPI management, reporting, contact center)

Contact center optimisation

For more details, check our proposal


18-20 March 2013 - Conference: Managing Credit Risk & Collections in Telecomms, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Victoria

Active participation from Roïc Thomas:

18.03 09:00 -Workshop leadership

Understanding how to achieve the balance between collecting on debts with ensuring a good customer experience

19.03 12:30 - Panel discussion

How can you achieve the right balance between deploying aggressive collection procedures and ensuring a good

customer experience?

20.03 14:30 - Presentation

Understanding how to develop and implement KPIs to optimise the collections process