Business optimization portal

By Roïc Thomas

How can we support?



We can support you improving your performance with consultancy in following areas:

- Data analysis

- Risk strategy definition and implementation

- Key reports definition and implementation

- Process optimization

- Systems improvements

KPI visualization

- On Demand development of KPI visualization tools

- Regular data updates

- Integration with DWH or legacy systems at the customer site

KPI managenent

- Analysis of KPI landscape

- Definition of most efficient KPIs to support your strategy

- Development of grafical solutions to facilitate analysis and monitoring

Business reviews in 4 steps

1. Requirements

Objectives definition (Ebitda, Bad Debt, costs, growth, ...)

Definition of available/necessary reports for the business review (3 weeks prior to effective on-site review)

2. On-site review

Confirm objectives

Definition of single points of contacts within your organisation

Meetings & Workshop with defined SPOCs

Side by side with contact center agents

Stearing committee: Planning, definition of timelines, preview of business review report

3. Business review report (2 to 3 weeks after On-site visit)

Review workshop: Presentation and validation of results

4. Final report submission

Final report delivery

Management summary presentation if needed

Contact center optimization

Understanding and documenting your organisation and objectives

Identifying and implementing optimization measures

KPI optimization for efficiency improvement

Implementing reports, dashboards and KPIs