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By Roïc Thomas


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Sterenn is the name of the pole star in Breton.

With, we want to guide you such as the pole star guided navigators exploring new worlds, helping you finding the optimal way to develop your business.

Using advanced data analysis tools coupled with very pragmatic approach, we help you identifying you hidden business potentials and improving you critical processes to take full profit of them.

With articles and white papers on this site, we will provide updates on the Telecommunication risk management and business optimization topics.


Founder: Roïc Thomas


Roïc Thomas is a business optimization consultant graduated from the University of Technology of Belfort (FR).

Working 11 years as an IT consultant, he collected a wide range of experiences in various industries going from medical research to telecommunication.

After specializing into project management for CRM implementations, he got risk management topics assigned at Telefónica Germany, increasing the financial returns by improving the whole risk chain.

He now provides business optimization consulting, looking for financial improvement potential hidden in systems, data and processes.

In March 2013, he created, a business optimization portal.


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