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By Roïc Thomas

How can we improve KPI management?


How can we improve KPI management?

KPI management efficiency relies on many factors such as defining your objectives,

converting them into metrics, understanding/modelizing your business, implementing accurate data analytics,

having the right readers for your KPIs (Yes! This is one of the most important ones) but also presenting the reports in an

understandable way..


Despite all the progress that has been made in the past 2 decades in KPI management and based on my own experinence in

working with KPIs I can say it can still be improved.

Don't you wonder why we need so many intelligent people to work on KPIs and and data analytics to finaly bring so limited

information to the top management?

Honestly, I'm feeling that we often reduce KPIs to the most limited meaningful information we can get.

Why is that and how can we improve?

That's the question I had in mind when I started developping inovative KPI visualization tools.

From my point of view, the reason why top management can not deal with large amount of information is that we don't

present this information in an approriate way. It is of course totally inapropriate to overwhelm managers with 900 numbers

but these numbers can be converted to a view, providing impressions as well as information.

As an example, this way:

If you want more information and if you wish to test it on your own, that's here: